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We are a mutual aid organization supporting each other and the communities we serve though organizations like our own foundation, the United Way, Community Food Drives, the Humane Society, CASA, Toys for Tots and many others. This is free poker, but it takes resources for us to operate, and we really appreciate a $5 donation per tournament to help our league and foundation grow. Thank you all in advance for your love and support.

Sunshine Poker

We are a proud part of the Bar Poker Open!

Sunshine Poker League is proud to be a part of the Bar Poker Open, the largest series of live poker tournaments in the United States. Our league provides a unique opportunity for players to participate in the Bar Poker Open by offering weekly events in various locations across California.

Our partnership with the Bar Poker Open means that by participating in our leagues, players have the chance to compete in the weekly tournament. The winner of this online tournament will earn a seat and all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas to play in the Bar Poker Open Championship.

We encourage all poker enthusiasts to check out the Bar Poker Open website for more information on this exciting event. And don't forget to come out and play with us at Sunshine Poker League for your chance to win big!

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